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Audun Jøsang: Weak and strong passwords [pdf 680K] [mp4 784M] [youtube]

Colin Percival: scrypt [pdf 2.2M]

Cristophe Rosenberger: Enhancing the Password Security with Keystroke Dynamics [pdf 2.3M] [mp4 1676M] [youtube]

Dmitry Sumin: Total Recall - On memory analysis, passwords and decryption [youtube] [mp4 870M]

Frank Stajano: Pico wants you! [mp4 98M] [youtube]

Jens Steube Exploiting a SHA1 weakness in password cracking [pdf 176K] [mp4 763M] [youtube]

Jeremi Gosney: Password Cracking HPC [pdf 7.7M] [mp4 240M] [youtube]

Joan Daemen: Permutation-based symmetric cryptography and Keccak [pdf 1.6M]

Kirsi Helkala: Designing and cracking associative passwords [pdf 768K] [mp4 1720M] [youtube]

Markus Duermuth: Password Security and Markov Models [pdf 1.5M] [mp4 915M] [youtube]

NorSIS / Tore L. Orderløkken: Password survey in Norway [pdf 1.0M] [mp4 517M] [youtube]

Norbert Schmitz: Looking at sentences as a password [pdf 71K] [mp4 896M] [youtube]

Jeremy Spilman: Data pools and blind hashing [mp4 170M] [youtube]

Per Thorsheim: The big (password) picture [pdf 2.5M] [mp4 525M] [youtube]

Russel Graves: Cryptohaze [pdf 1.3M] [youtube]

Sebastien Raveau: Hunting for passwords or putting an end to the arms race [pdf 2.6M] [mp4 1099MB] [youtube]

Simon Marechal: Mangling rules [pdf 417K] [mp4 315M]

Simon Marechal: Probabilistic models [pdf 1.6M] [mp4 938M]

Simon Marechal: The future of hashing [pdf 8.7]

Steve Thomas: Advancements in TMTO [pdf 285K] [mp4 722M]

Steve Thomas: Hashing Algorithms - The Good, the Bad, and the fail [pdf 174K] [mp4 470M]

Yiorgis Gozadinos: mnemonic.js - Memorable & strong passphrases in the browser [pdf 400K] [mp4 111M] [youtube]


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